Hump Ridge Track Transport and Information

Hump Ridge Track transport and information. The Tuatapere Hump Ridge Track is 3 day loop walk that traverses along the south coast of New Zealand. The 62km of the Hump Ridge Track takes you through sub-alpine wilderness of native forests to sea-level views.

Passengers wishing to travel to or from Tuatapere must contact Hump Ridge Track to book their bus – no bookings are processed through Tracknet:


Phone: 03 226 6739 or 0800 486 774

Fax: 03 226 6074

Address: 31 Orawia Rd, Tuatapere 9620, Southland New Zealand


Te Anau To:

Fare Child Travel Time
Tuatapere 4.45pm – Book with Hump Ridge Track 1hr&15mins
Queenstown 7.15am 11.30am 5.00pm $47.00 $35.00 2hrs&45mins
Invercargill 7.15am $49.00 $37.00 3hrs

Queenstown To:

Te Anau 6.55am 10.45am 4.30pm $47.00 $35.00 2hrs&45mins
Invercargill 6.55am $49.00 $37.00 3hrs&30mins

Invercargill To:

Te Anau 10.45am $49.00 $37.00 3hrs
Queenstown 10.45am $49.00 $37.00 3hrs&30mins

Tuatapere To:

Te Anau 3.00pm – Book with Hump Ridge Track 1hr&15mins