Southern Secret: Doubtful Sound’s Best Overnight Cruise

Southern Secret - Doubtful SoundDoubtful SoundDolphin - Doubtful SoundEvening Meal - Doubtful SoundViews - Doubtful Sound

Cruise, Sightsee and Explore the most beautiful Fiord in New Zealand with Fiordland Cruises. Allow 28 hours, departing Te Anau at 9:00am on day one, returning at 12:30pm on day two.

The MV Southern Secret

All cruises are fully catered, guests are accommodated in a private double cabin complete with all bedding, towels and private ensuite bathroom.

Lunch, delicious evening meals and a light breakfast are included. Fishing lines are available to fish the pristine fiord to gather the freshest fish to share on the table.

Common catches can include Blue Cod, Sea Perch, Terakahi, and School Groper.

Fishing takes place outside of the marine reserves, we catch and release what we do not intend to use.

Activities on-board include: sightseeing, setting and retrieving cray fish traps, sea fishing, kayaking and dolphin/mammal watching.

We do not have a bar onboard, however guests are welcome to bring refreshments (alcoholic or otherwise) aboard as they wish, to enjoy with their evening meals.

What to Bring:

Here is a check list of things you may wish to include in an overnight bag:

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